What year was the BMW i8 born? The BMW i8 was first introduced at the 2009 International Motor Show as the Concept Vision E model. In 2011 and 2012, BMW continued to launch BMW i8 Concept models one after another. In 2013, at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the commercial BMW i8 model was officially launched. This is a model of "Project i" that the German car company BMW "offered" to the world car market as a new brand called "BMW i", distributed entirely exclusively from BMW. BMW i8 Concept BMW Vision E (2009) is a hybrid concept car consisting of 2 electric motors combined with a 3-cylinder turbo diesel engine, allowing the BMW Vision E to accelerate from 0 - 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds. when reaching a maximum speed of 250 km/h. BMW Vision E fuel consumption when tested was only 3.76 liters/100km. BMW i8 design It can be said that the BMW i8 is one of the supercar models with an impressive design that brings the most emotions in the world of supercars. This design also caused some controversy. Some people think it's "so cool", others comment "it looks a bit strange". However, the general assessment from world car experts is that this is still a very "emotional" design. The BMW i8 possesses the characteristics of the BMW car company in the details of the dual kidney-shaped grille with shiny chrome borders. This radiator is designed to be compact and elongated in a strip that connects seamlessly with the extremely attractive front light cluster. The headlight cluster is sharply "cut" along with extremely attractive interior graphics. Viewed from the body of the car, the flexible embossed lines are designed in the language of "flow", long wheelbase, short overhangs, scissor doors, even though the BMW i8 is standing still, people still feel like it is moving. Stretch yourself and rush forward with a stream of energy overflowing inside. The BMW i8 is equipped with 20-inch ED light metal wheels, contributing to increasing the car's strong appearance. BMW i8 interior Stepping into the interior of the BMW i8, we continue to encounter flexible, strong but very delicate cut and embossed lines. The designers have been very successful in harmoniously combining many different materials and colors to create a whole that promises to bring "extreme" experiences. The BMW i8 has 3 different interior styles including: Neso, Carpo and Halo. Neso: Spheric leather interior in bright Carum Gray color combined with many black details creates a clear contrast. Carpo: You can choose from quite dark Carpo Amido colors or Carpo Carum Spice Gray, Carpo Ivory While. Halo: This is a premium package using special leather and paint. 3-spoke steering wheel with beautiful silver borders. Intuitive instrument cluster.